Terms of Entry

Attempting to Keep it Simple.


All attendees require a valid ticket to enter the event, one ticket per attendee.

Tickets can be purchased ‘on the door’ (at a premium) or in advance via skiddle.com (search ‘beard’).

Tickets that have been purchased in advance can be presented via the Skiddle App on your mobile phone or tablet, for the QR code to be scanned, or on paper as received by email, again with the QR code for scanning.

Single or group tickets; we would recommend having a paper copy of each ticket, held by each individual attending in the event the purchaser’s device is not present, or functioning when arriving at the venue to ensure entry.

Once scanned each ticket holder will receive a wristband which will give them access to the event.

Wristband wearers may exit and re-enter the event throughout the day.

Wristbands that have been removed or otherwise tampered with will be void.


Four categories of tickets are available;

Spectator (adult (18 and over))
Young Teen (13-17)
Junior (12 and under)

Young Teens & Juniors
Young Teen & Junior tickets must be purchased with an adult ticket (either Spectator or Competitor).

Any Young Teen & Junior ticket holder must be accompanied by an adult ticket holder (parent or guardian) to gain entry to the venue, and be in the company of a responsible adult at all times.

All young teen and junior ticket holders may enter the Handmade category free of charge. Registration for entry must be completed during the registration period (10am-12pm) in the Empress Ballroom foyer. The competitor clause applies.

Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy relating to ticket purchasing is that of the vendor site, Skiddle.com, similarly in regard to refunds, etc.


It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure they register their intent to enter the competition. Purchase of a competitor ticket does not automativally ensure participation.

Competitor ticket holders will receive a competitor lanyard in addition to their wristband. The lanyard must be presented when confirming registration and receiving your competitor number during the registration period (10am-12pm) in the Empress Ballroom foyer..

The competitor lanyard must be worn to gain access to the stage to compete in your chosen category. One category per ticket/lanyard.

The required registration form can be completed on the day or in advance. Registration forms are available on the tbbmc.co.uk site for download, printing and completion. Bring your completed form with you on the day to save time during the registration process.

It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure they attend pre-judging on the day. This confirms their chosen category and the issuing of a competitor number/stage pass.

It is the responsibility of the competitor to be at stage-side when their category is being presented and judged.

The judges decisions will be final, no discussion will be entered into, nor will individual scores or positions beyond first, second and third be announced.

Trophies and sponsor prizes are awarded on the day with no monetary alternative.


Photographers (official and attendees) will be taking formal, semi-formal, candid and random images throughout the day. By entering the venue you agree that any images containing your likeness may be posted to the Internet (with or without tagging, credit, etc.) and may also appear in any future publication in relation to the championship, commemorative, promotional, reporting, etc.

Photographs, for personal use and enjoyment only, may be taken throughout the day by attendees. Likewise recording of video images.

If images are posted on the Internet/social media (at the time or subsequently), please include the hash tag #BBMC2018.

Broadcasting video via the Internet (YouTube, Facebook Live, etc.) is permitted for short periods and with the #BBMC2018 tag.

Images and/or video footage captured during the event may not be used commercially for advertising, promotion, endorsement, etc., or for finance gain without prior written consent of the organisers.

Media accreditation may be requested using the Contact Us forum.


Subject to confirmation:
Ticket holders attending the Pre-party on Firday 17th August at Bootleg Social may be able to ‘check-in’ and get their wristband/lanyard in advance for fast-track entry to the Empress Ballroom the following day. 

Please note above RE non-removal/tampering of wristband.


Atendees may be subject to a search by the security team, bags may also be searched. This is in compliance with the venue’s security practice and for the safety of all. Your cooperation would be appreciated.

Please do not leave personal possesion/items unattended.


We reserve the right to amend/revise these terms & conditions without notice.