Accreditation – Photographer

Accreditation for British Beard & Moustache Championships 2018 (BBMC2018)

Accreditation request should be made via email (

The deadline is 18.00 (UK/BST) Friday, 16th August 2018.

For Film/Video Crew Accreditation 

Please read the conditions below before submitting your request providing the following information;

Your First Name:
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Name of Your Organisation:
Position in Organisation:
Contact email:
Contact number (prior to, during and after the event):

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Editor / Commissioning Editor’s Full Name:
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What images will you be seeking to capiture?

When will post-event coverage be published?

Accreditation Terms & Conditions


  1. Only photographers who have been commissioned by a bona fide publication (print &/or digital) will be considered for accreditation. Freelance photographers without a bona fide commission will not retrieve accreditation.
  2. The publication, commissioning editor, email address and phone number must be included on the accreditation application and they may be contacted by BBMC2018. Samples of recent published work should also be included/linked to in the application.
  3. BBMC2018 expect all coverage of the event to be respectful, informative, thoughtful, insightful and in keeping with our stated policy of inclusivity, diversity and equality.
  4. Only one photographer will be accredited per title. No assistants or additional personnel will be permitted.
  5. All photographers must carry full Public Liability and Third Party Liability insurance (minimum £5million per claim). By accepting these conditions you indemnify the owners, operators and managers of the Winter Gardens Blackpool (venue) and the organisers of the British Beard & Moustache Championships (2018) against all costs, claims and other expenses that they may incur from any third party in relation to your presence and activity. Evidence of such insurance must be available and produced on request during the event.
  6. Film or images from the event can only to be used for the agreed purposes. Under no circumstances can any material (visual and aural) be used for commercial purposes, including (but not limited to) promotion, advertising, endorsement by those capturing images and/or sound or any third party, without specific consent in writing from the event organisers. Consent will only be given on payment of an agreed fee for such use.
  7. Accreditation numbers are limited, accreditation is not guaranteed.
  8. Photographers will wear visible identification displaying their head-shot, their name and the name of the (commissioning) organisation they represent. No ID no entry.
  9. Photographers will be courteous to all event attendees and staff. They will not position themselves to be an obstruction to viewing the stage area, nor obstruct the free passage of attendees and staff in and around the Empress Ballroom, and will comply with requests and instructions from the event organisers and staff.
  10. Photographers will make available to BBMC2018 complimentary, discreetly watermarked, files of images captured on the day within seven days of the event for free, credited use online by the organisers of BBMC2018 for post-event coverage on their social media platforms and web site.
  11. Submission of an accreditation request email confirms acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  12. Any photographer found to be in breach of these conditions will be asked to leave the event and have their accreditation cancelled.
  13. BBMC2018 reserve the right to amend/revise these terms & conditions without notice.