BBMC2018 Photo Prints

The British Beard & Moustache Championship 2018 photographs are now available to order as prints!

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BBMC2018 Category Winners & Runners Up


Handmade Under 16

1st: Ruben Eva
2nd: Freya Muncaster
3rd: Jorday O’Brien

Handmade Creative

1st: Bea Crimmins
2nd: Amy Roberts
3rd: Sammy Dickinson

Handmade Realistic

1st: Natalie Johnson
2nd: Jade


Freestyle Moustache

1st: Alan Spencer
2nd: Andy Wakefield
3rd: Jason Haynes

Freestyle Partial

1st: Jurgen Burkhardt
2nd: Matt Wall
3rd: Gilles Polinien

Beard Freestyle

1st: Norbert Topf
2nd: Aarne Bielefieldt
3rd: Brendan Johnson


Natural Moustache

1st: Marcel ter-Haar
2nd: Ryan Pike
3rd: Jonathan Smith

English Moustache

1st: Chris Wall
2nd: Bernd Hildebrandt
3rd: Carl Porter

Handlebar Moustache

1st: Mark East
2nd: Tom Ord
3rd: Russell Bristow



1st: Robert Mevec
2nd: Gavin Allen


1st: Erwin Butsch
2nd: Ben Waddington
3rd: Frazer Coppin


1st: Michael Wallage
2nd: Paul Card
3rd: Hakon Amodt

Natural Goatee

1st: Gigi Sciviero
2nd: Jay Lewis


Full Beard Under 1” Natural Moustache

1st: David Hayhurst
2nd: Mark Willis
3rd: Phil Smith


1st: Matthew Swain
2nd: Mark Bradley
3rd: James Taylor

Full Beard Under 6” with Styled Moustache

1st: Lewis Aylmer
2nd: Graham Smith
3rd: Jason daines

Full Beard Under 6” Natural Moustache

1st: John Thompson
2nd: Glynn Woods
3rd: John Craig

Full Beard Under 12” with Styled Moustache

1st: Lee Andrews
2nd: Sean Broadfoot
3rd: James Pollard

Full Beard Under 12” Natural Moustache

1st: Stefan Hofmeinster
2nd: Brian Eva
3rd: Brian Mahan

Full Beard Over 12” with Styled Moustache

1st: Maxwell Newton
2nd: Shane Hazlegrove
3rd: Drew Muncaster

Full Beard Over 12” Natural Moustache

1st: Patrizio Vagelli
2nd: Nick Snell
3rd: Peter Moisan

Best In Show

Mark East (Handlebar Moustache)